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Colm followed the family line on the mother's line and I will write to him shortly to see if I can get a scanned image of his tree.  Here are a few of the parish records he showed me for the Linnane side: 

Maurice Linane of Ballingoun & Honora Foulou
(married 18 Feb 1841 in Ballybunion)

Timothy Fitzmaurice (married to) & Mary Feenerty
(gave birth to Mary Fitzmaurice on 4 June 1848)

John Lenane of Lacca & Mary Fitzmaurice of Moybella
(married 2 march 1878 in Ballybunion)

Mary Fitzmaurice is probably my direct ancestor...more coming. 

So many more questions:

Bridie took a boat from Cobh (think opening scene of Titanic) to the U.S.  Mom thinks she may have lived in Philadelphia with some cousins for a while. 

Bridie used to call herself "the old woman who lived in the shoe" because she had so many children. 

Kit Linnane (Peggy's mom) went around Ireland collecting stories as part of the Folklore commission.  It's possible they are in Muckross house in Killarney National Park. 

John Linnane (my g-grandfather) was with Tim Leanard in Chicago for 11 years.  Somehow I thought it was New York.  Either way, I've heard from a few cousins that he went by the last name Leanard while he lived in the U.S.  Learnard was a name in the family (I think Tim was John's uncle) but he used it because it sounded more English.  A few people I met in Ireland told me Linnane is an unsual but very Irish name. 

Maurice Linnane moved to New Zealand. 

Common phrase: "the sun didn't set on the English Empire"
Irish response: "God didn't trust them in the dark"

"Get out the yard!" = "Go away!" or "Get out of town!"

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