family photographs

The Linnane's at the original 1 story house in Urlee ("ur"=fresh, "lee"=water).  Left to right starting in the back: Kit/ Bridie/ John/ Maureen, John/Catherine/Tom, Tim/Theresa.   

Maureen, Bridie, Kit, and Tom (or John?)

The cousins minus a few

John Linnnane (or in New York, "Lennard") in the back row farthest to the right with a dark cap on.  Group of WWI vets taken in Co. Kerry (maybe Listowel?)

Our visit with Tim (the family waltzer) who no longer has milking cows but still lives in Ballinduff

 Catherine and John with Kit, Theresa and Tim in front of 2 story pale yellow house in Urlee (built 1937).  It had a solid fuel range with wood.  The original 1 story house with a thatch roof was bought from Paul Kissane and he stayed on in a room in the house.  When the 2 story house was built they moved him upstairs (old fashioned nursing home).  

 Sister A_______ with Catherine Finn before Catherine married

 Bridie with Maureen and Maureen's husband (Bridie on right)

Bridie (left) with Maureen at a wedding

Noel gave us three pictures of his mother, Maureen:

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