September 23 Ballybunion/Asdee

Mass this morning in Asdee was entirely heartwarming.  The sermon barely came through to me but the music was just right.  We kneeled and sat and kneeled and stood up and dropped a euro each in the collection basket I had been anticipating.  A little boy stuck his tongue out at me from about 8 pews up and I nearly did it back to him.  After they took the wine and crackers, the priest put water in the empty cup, sloshed it around and drank from it.  He then wiped the chalice clean with a starch-white cloth and put it aside.  Amazing!  The germs on the congregation to his own lips.  The health and immune system of the congregation tied together in this simple ritual. 

They talk about funerals quite a bit.  Seems like vegetables are rare and sugary tea-cookies follow chips (a.k.a. french fried) in the daily swing of things.  I’ve never seen such an odd mix of traditional stews and splenda fruit drinks on a table before.  I’m a bit homesick for Americans.  

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