Sept 16 Dublin

Evelyn met us at the airport and we met her sister Catherine at her house in the suburbs and drove back toward the city center.  Evelyn's hands look so much like Mom's hands and her face and hair remind us of Carol.  She is sweet and the two of them talk at a mile a minute and tease each other.  The intensity of conversation reminds us of a few of our aunts, in fact!  We are sorry to say good bye to them. 

Sketch from Avalon Cafe in Dublin.  Reminded me of Pattern Language and Christopher Alexander's thoughts on 4 story limits on city buildings, arched openings, and building out of cumulative materials (like bricks). 
We walked the streets of Dublin trying to get our bodies to adjust to the time.  The second night we stayed with Will from the Starry Plough in Berkeley and he took us to a lively session at Devitts Pub.  The baron player was aggressive and bluesy and the fiddles were amazing.  A tipsy woman in the booth against the wall beat out the rhythm on her thighs like there was no tomorrow.  Some men in their 60s and 70s stayed until 1:30 am, leaning up against the bar and cheering on the music.  Will was his old self after the session.  Enlivened by the music, he told us in the morning that he stayed up for several hours after the session playing fiddle upstairs.  We bagged up the leftover omelette for the train to Tralee (pronounced tri-lee) and bid him farewell.  

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