Sept 13 Flying over the U.S.

We are over the Atlantic Ocean.  Earlier we passed over the Sacramento River Delta and saw the levies.  Next, we passed over the Sierras.  Tahoe was recognizable by its sheer scale and the basin it sits in.  We’ve passed over a lot of reservoirs but they often have odd shapes and don’t fit the landscape.  The river beds in Nevada were dried up in some places and farmland now covers the river basin.  What looked like white sand covered the mountains at the continental divide.  Just before Chicago, I could see square plots of farmland with rivers running through.  Chicago’s airport is surrounded by big boxes of buildings that all match like the Alameda Naval Base buildings. 

Sketch from the SFO airport.   

I’m so lucky to be traveling with Lindsey.  Although I’ve put many hours into planning this trip, I feel a detachment from the act of making the plans now as I am shuffled off into darkness. 

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