October 14 Bantry

Bantry is a town of beautiful woman in their 20s working as waitresses.  The smoked salmon was thick and filled me for nearly a full day.  The hills make it spectacular and the cool ocean air gives us good spirits.  Now this is the place to live in Ireland.  The church was less elaborate—the arches up the main axis painted and without the traditional stonework.  We’ve set our bags down in the cemetery and take turns wandering the town.  I’m dreaming of adventures again.  I watched a video of some dancing in Costa Rica and the world opened up again. 

Tractor's Cafe in Bantry offered some wisdom. 

We are addicted to taking tea.  Not tea itself, but the ritual, the warmth, the careful proportioning of tea to milk.  Bridie would have taken sugar.  The ritual of the pint takes me as well—but only with music.  Without music, the room is full of strangers, but with music, the twinkles re-inhabit the eyes and the whole place is a stage set. 

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